Today I’m interviewing Ada (Adamantia Velonis) from Marmalade + Kindness in London, an accredited mindfulness teacher and a management consultant by day.

She’s going to share her story with us and how she created Marmalade + Kindness, her online cooking journal she launched to inspire and encourage people to find moments of mindfulness and creativity through cooking. On that journal, she’s sharing tried and tested recipes, featuring organic, seasonal produce and she aims to inspire you to develop a daily cooking habit. Her recipes encourage you to develop your intuition as a cook – to use all your senses, and adapt recipes to your tastes and those you cook for I feel completely aligned with her philosophy of ‘mindful cooking’ that is quite unique and I love that all recipes incorporate wellness tips at the bottom under the ‘practice makes progress’ section.

Connect with Marmalade+Kindness on Instagram @marmaladeandkindess or Twitter @Marm_Kindness


I’ll talk to you in 2 weeks ! In the meantime, have fun in your kitchen!