Today I want to talk to you about how cooking can help your mental health.

We’ve already seen that eating healthy helps nourish your body but cooking is also good for your mind. There is more and more research being done saying that cooking is as beneficial as meditation. And there is also therapy cooking, or culinary therapy (also referred to as Culinary Art Therapy).

Of course in these times on confinement, our mental health is more important and probably more at risk than usual, but I believe it’s also about self care, no matter when.

Talking to my friends and family for these past few months, I’ve seen this topic of how people cook and why they enjoy it so much coming back at me. Most of them told me they enjoy cooking because it relaxes them. Some of them cook a wide variety of meals, some like to stick to their favorites, and some follow the recipe of the moment. But what they all have in common is that they love to be able to focus and let go of their thoughts. And they are giving their love to the people they’re feeding through these home cooked meals.

Wether you know it or not, cooking is a great activity to focus and to express your creativity. And both are tremendously beneficial to your life balance.

Starting this week, I’ll share with you my family’s favorite recipe of the week.

Stay tuned and HAVE FUN in your kitchen!