Hello everyone, this is Virginie, and this is episode zero of What Gets You Cooking.

I am launching this podcast to create a community around the food we eat. I would like to share with you what we do to make it easy and more simple when cooking. This is about interviewing the people who work around food, from chef to Food Bank, to cooking schools to farmers, to help us simplify the food and to share a new perspective.

My inspiration comes from my family. I grew up in the south of France, and my mom and my grandmother cooked a lot. So it’s a part of my identity and why it’s important to me. Since I moved to the US in 2010, I’ve heard so many people struggling with having time or energy to cook, or people who don’t feel good in their bodies, or people who have kids that are picky eaters.

My motivation is to share my own knowledge but also to take the time to get more knowledge from all the people that I can find to interview so we can learn from them too.

I would like to share all these resources with you. So welcome to the what gets you cooking show. I hope you like it. See you next week!