Find balance in your life


What Gets You Cooking,the podcast giving you a new way to

look at food, cook it and share it.

Do you feel like you don't have time to cook?

Listen to podcast episodes and hear from food experts about how they cook in their kitchen to simplify and find balance in your life. 

Do you want to find your balance?

Learn about the influence of food on your brain and how cooking can even help your focus like meditation or therapy.

On top of cooking balanced meals, knowing how to choose your food and owning simple techniques, cooking matters for your mental health too!


Do you want to have fun in your kitchen?

One of the key elements of your life happiness is to have fun, and that includes your kitchen! Setting an ambiance, listening to good music (or a podcast 😉 using your taste and sense of smell … all of that can help make it an enjoyable experience! and there is nothing more rewarding than sharing the results of your cooking with loved ones.

Feeling overwhelmed in your kitchen?

You’re in the right place if:

  • You’re always wondering or dreading someone to ask : “what’s for dinner?”
  • You’re always wondering what to cook and/or have no to little motivation
  • You always feel like you have no time
  • You feel like you don’t know how to cook, get frustrated when looking at complicated recipes or are just too scared you’re going to mess it up
  • You want to cook a balanced and hearty meal that nourish the entire family
  • You want to hear about how chefs are cooking at home

In my upcoming coaching offer (to be launched in September) and in the podcast episodes, I want to give you this inspiration and show how much fun and how good it is for both your body and mind (your overall health, including mental health). Without taking a lot of time and without costing a lot, everybody can be happy and have fun in their kitchen.


food sharing

What Gets You Cooking is a podcast published every other week, where I share my perspective and those of food experts (farmers, chefs, food banks, schools, gardeners, cooking schools, dietitians) on food and how to simplify your homecooking.

Everyone is welcome on this platform. People from all cultures and backgrounds, knowing a lot about food – or nothing at all, spending lots of time in their kitchen – or not, having the time – or not, having the money – or not.

I hope you’re going to join me and share your questions so everyone in the community can benefit!

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My Story

I am Virginie Fite-Georgel and my wish for “What Gets You Cooking” is to build a community of people around a new way to look at food and the way we cook it and share it.

In the last couple of years, I have met a lot of people (here in the US and elsewhere) who want to eat better, healthier and /or want their kids to do so. After reading articles and listening to radio shows and podcast discussing healthy nutrition and the like, I felt like I knew quite a bit.

My history is family influence. The things I know about cooking are all related to my grandma and my mom cooking a lot… on a daily basis but also having a lot of people over.

Thanks to my education, my family, and the environment I have lived in, food and healthy eating are a very important of my life and I felt a calling to share with others what I know and connect with other initiatives in the Bay Area.

Because it matters to me to share this knowledge and connect everyone to the food they’re eating…